1. To impart professional training in Fire protection, Fire engineering, Fire safety, Fire fighting, Disaster management and Security & safety management to personnel in industrial, commercial and similar organisations in private and public sectors, Government and Municipal Fire services and also for neighbouring countries in Asia and Far East, in due course.
  2. To provide qualified and well trained Fire service and Security personnel for the above mentioned organisations.
  3. To conduct training courses in subjects relating to Fire protection, Technology, Security and Safety management for various categories of employees in these organisations, including specialist courses.
  4. To conduct Seminars and similar programs on Fire Safety, Security & Safety Management, Disaster Management, Fire Protection Engineering and technology.
  5. To conduct training for security and safety management.
  6. To liaise with work class various Fire fighting, Industrial securities and safety agencies of National and International repute and arrange certification for our students wherever necessary.
  7. To procure training material, equipment and literature etc.
  8. To arrange visits of students to various Plants / Industrial Establishments / Fire Stations.
  9. To upgrade and modernise the fire fighting equipments through research and development.
  10. To advise the Government and the agencies in framing policies in Fire management, Security and Safety.