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Fire Protection Organizations

Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) www.sfpe.org

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) www.nfpa.org

American Fire Sprinkler Association - www.firesprinkler.org

National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA)  - www.nfsa.org

Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) - www.afaa.org

Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) - www.fssa.net

Testing Agencies

Underwriters' Laboratory - www.ul.com

FM Global - www.fmglobal.com

Southwest Research Institute-www.swri.org/40rg/d01/fire

Colleges and Universities

University of Maryland www.enfp.umd.edu

Oklahoma State University http://fpst.okstate.edu

Lund University - www.brand.lth.se/english/index.htm

Seneca College - www.seneca.on.ca/fire/

Uni. of New Haven - www.newhaven.edu/psps/firescience.html

Worcester Polytechnic Ins. - www.wpi.edu/academics/depts/fire/

Delaware Tech. & Community College - www.dtcc.edu/stanton/fet/

University of Greenwich,

Fire Safety Engineering Group http://fseg.gre.ac.uk/fire/

Model Code Groups

International Code Council - www.iccsafe.org

International Fire Code Institute - www.ifci.org

Fire Service

Western Fire Chiefs Association - www.wfca.com

International Association of Fire Chiefs - www.ichiefs.org

International Society of Fire Service Instructors - www.isfsi.org

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation - www.firehero.org

National Association of State Fire Marshals - www.firemarshals.org

International Fire Marshall Association - www.nfpa.org/members/

Fire Departments

Honolulu Fire Department - www.honolulufire.org

California State Fire Marshal http://osfm.fire.ca.gov

Illinois State Fire Marshal - www.state.il.us/osfm/

Delaware State Fire Marshal - www.delawarestatefiremarshal.com

Standards Organizations

ASTM International - www.astm.org

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - www.ansi.org

International Organization for Standardization - www.iso.ch

Government Agencies

National Institute of Standards and Technology www.nist.gov

Federal Emergency Management Agency www.fema.gov

U.S. Fire Administration www.usfa.fema.gov

National Arson Prevention Initiative www.fema.gov/napi/napi.htm

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) www.cspc.gov

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms www.atf.treas.gov

Occupational Safety & Health Administration www.osha.gov

International Fire Protection

Institute of Fire Engineers, UK www.ife.org.uk

The Fire Research Station (FRS), UK www.bre.co.uk/frs/

International Association of Fire Safety Science www.iafss.org

Australian Fire Protection Association www.fpaa.com.au

Edinborough Engineering Virtual Library www.eevl.ac.uk

Fire Protection Association (UK) www.thefpa.co.uk

Norwegian Fire Research Laboratory www.nbl.sintef.no

 International Asso. of Arson Investigators www.firearson.com

Building Research Association of New Zealand www.branz.org.nz

CSIRO Fire Science and Technology Laboratory- www.cmit.csiro.au

Hawaii Links

Honolulu Fire Department www.honolulufire.org

Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii www.seaoh.org

ASCE Hawaii www.ascehawaii.org

Honolulu Interactive GIS Maps & Data www.gis.hicentral.com


American Society of Safety Engineers www.asse.org

American Society of Civil Engineers www.asce.org

National Society of Professional Engineers www.nspe.org

The F.P. Connection www.fpconnect.com

List of SFPE Chapter Links www.sfpe.org/sfpe/chapters.htm

Fire Safety Regulations/Codes
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Department of Public Safety,University of Oklahoma

National Fire Protection Association

American National Standards Organization

International Organization for Standardization

Safety Engineering & Regulatory Compliance Associates
Fire Services/Disaster Management
FIREWEB - Fire Service WWW Resource

International Association of Arson Investigation

The National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue

The Firehouse Museum's Home Page

Firefighter/EMS Information Network


Fire Science and Technology Inc

FIREBREAK - Aussie Bushfire Service

The Mountain View Fire Department

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors

The Natural Hazards Center - University of Colorado

London Fire Brigade

Crusade Against Fire Deaths
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