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Crash course for Industries
Basic Fire Technology & Engineering Course
Time Schedule :
Theory : 10:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Lunch : 01:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Practical : 02:00 to 5:00 p.m.
1st Week:
1st Day:
Theory Practical
Opening address & introduction of
Faculties & infrastructure in College
Aim of the Course and its Importance
Introduction to basic Fire Fighting
Squad Drill ( 15 minutes)
Physical introduction to infrastructure
and equipments in college
2nd Day:
Theory Practical
Fire Chemistry
Fire Triangle / Tetrahedron
Classification of Fire
Extinguishing Media
Types of Fire Extinguisher
Squad Drill
Physical introduction to different
fire extinguisher & its understanding
and application
3rd Day:
Theory Practical
Maintenance, Refilling of fire Extinguisher
Discipline in Fire Services
Safety Management in Industries
Squad Drill
Operation of Fire Drill
Refilling of fire Extinguisher
4th Day:
Theory Practical
Behavior of human beings in case of Fire
Emerging Planning & Management
OFF Site & On Site planning
Safety in industries
Squad Drill
Operation of fire Extinguisher
5th Day:
Theory Practical
Introduction to Personnel Protective
Equipments (PPE)
Chemical Suit
Fire Suit
Squad Drill
Use of Personnel Protective
Equipments (PPE)
6th Day:
Theory Practical
Ropes & Lines, Knots
Types of knots & its application
Squad Drill
Use of Different kind of knots
Rescue by means of knots
2nd Week:
1st Day:
Theory Practical
B.A. Set
Maintenance & Care of B.A. set
Squad Drill
Use of B.A. set
Rescue from can fire space
Using B.A. set.
2nd Day:
Theory Practical
Types of ladder
Application of various kind of ladders
Types of Rescue
Squad Drill
Use of ladder (Drill)
Rescue by means of ladder
3rd Day:
Theory Practical
Hydrant System
Sprinkler System
Accessories for hydrant systems
Branches, Monitors
Squad Drill
Physical introduction to hydrant
& sprinkler system
Use of hydrant Systems
3 - men, 4 - men Drill
4th Day:
Theory Practical
Emergency planning Management
Disaster Management
On Site OFF Site planning
Precaution required in industries to
avoid disasters
Squad Drill
Use of Hydrant System on Target
Use of Hydrant System using Foam
on Live fire
5th Day:
Theory Practical
Fire alarm detection system & its
TAC rules for fire alarm system
Conventional & Non conventional
Fire alarm system
NBC rules for high rise buildings
Squad Drill
Operation & maintenance of fire alarm system
Hydrant Drill
6th Day:
Theory Practical
Fire Report and Data
Behavior of Human beings in case of Fire
Introduction to various I.S.
Specification of fire equipments
Squad Drill
Practice of different Fire Drill and
Rescue Drill
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