Career Scope

Job Opportunities in field of Fire Protection

The ever growing industrialization, the unhindered population growth massive urbanization etc have all increase the fire risk to a great extent. Indian fire protection wing is facing tremendous challenges and heavy responsibilities this has created demand of trained human resources and equipment in many fold with such an upswing in Indian industry and economics, need of trained and qualified persons in field of fire protection of India is much more than ever before.

Govt. Sector

  1. Defense
  2. Railway
  3. Airport Authority
  4. Electricity Boards
  5. C.I.S.F.
  6. O.N.G.C.
  7. Mines
  8. Refineries, Petrochemical complexes
  9. All municipal authorities situated all over India.

Govt. Sector

There is also job opportunities in major industries like Reliance, Essar, Adani Port, Welspun Gujarat, Asain Paints, Torrent Power, Petroleum and Oil based companies, Automobiles, manufacturers unit etc. with fire equipments manufacturer's and fire system contracting firms.

Service Oriented Opportunities

The students are trained to be leaders in fire fighting services. Their career starts from minimum junior fire officer level in Govt. Semi Govt or big industrial enterprises. These jobs provides satisfaction to serve the nation in most essential segment of fire safety along with status.

For Self Employment

The successful students have great opportunity to carry out business of specialized field like

  1. Fire Surveyor for insurance sector.
  2. Fire consultant for industries and commercial enterprise.
  3. Risk management consultancy
  4. Liaising work of Govt. Dept. explosion, Petroleum
  5. Carry out business of fire protection.
  6. Manufacturing fire equipments, safety equipments, installation of fire detection and suppression system.