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About Us
The College of Fire Technology believes in the philosophy of professional education and aims at making career of the students. It believes that the choice of a career is a most pressing problem that confronts every educated young man and parents. The parents would like to ensure that the profession on which their sons and daughters embark is not only rewarding but also interesting, progressive and satisfying. Keeping this end in view, college of fire technology has launched new professional courses such as B.Sc. (Fire & Safety), Diploma in Fire Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Security and safety Management and other specialized professional course so as to enable students to pursue the relevant profession by providing employment opportunities.
The College of Fire Technology is being manage by a registered CHAMPABEN BHAGAT EDUCATION TRUST. The Trust is dedicated towards promoting professionalism amongst students through education, training and research. The training is imparted to the students in a systematic way so as to bring out the best in a man, to transform the selected candidates into mature, balanced professional officer, capable of inspiring leadership, assuming responsibility and taking decision. Plans are afoot to introduce information technology courses and these will be implemented in a phased manner.
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